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Dakshin Honda

97/1A, Hosur Road, Singasandra Village, Near Keys Hotal, Bangalore, Karnataka 560068

sales@dakshinhonda.com, imthiyaz@dakshinhonda.com, crm.sales@dakshinhonda.com

Makes: Honda | Service Center

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Riders note 20/03/2022 Reason For Visit Sales (New)


"Worst experience"

Worst experience, I left this company recently and completed all the clearance procedure, My last working day was on Jan 10th, Till date I have not received my last month Salary (1 and Half months), This seems to be common practice in this company. I never faced such problem before with any other company. I don't know why this is happening with dakshin honda. And HR team is not responding. Sent and email to Manager, CEO also. Never experienced such thing before.

Jayanthi Aiyar 02/01/2017 Reason For Visit Sales (New)


"Overall its worth"

Service quality is very good. They take note of all minor issues that you mention and address them. No unnecessary work is done. I was pretty sure i'd get charged for it, but was pleasantly surprised when he told me that he checked and it wasn't required at this service.

Anil kumar 03/03/2017 Reason For Visit Sales (New)


"Services Was Very Fast & Staff Was Well"

On the whole, my experience with Dakshin Honda has been positive. Initially, which meant that getting the car serviced at Dakshin Honda, Hosur Road was quite convenient.

Arvid Bhadhya 31/12/2016 Reason For Visit Sales (New)



"Excellent infrastructure, customer service and sales people.Excellent infrastructure, customer service and sales people."

Siruvallappa s 31/12/2016 Reason For Visit Sales (New)



"I rate the Service Quality and Customer relation as "Excellent"."

Deepak shah 23/12/2016 Reason For Visit Sales (New)


"Staff was polite "

Went to esquire about purchase of a car,The sales team took care of us well,Very accessible. because the Service Adviser I got was a good,Nice showroom and good customer facility,Great service....polite staff.

Deepak 23/12/2016 Reason For Visit Sales (New)


"I had a lovely experience "

We had a good experience at this showroom. We were shown several options, the sales staff discussed pros and cons of each and my car was delivered promptly and on the day it was promised. manager was very helpful and also kept in touch after the delivery to check if all was well with the car,I had a lovely experience .