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About Us

'You can’t buy Happiness,

But you can buy CARS….and that’s kind of the same thing”… Anonymous


Purchasing a car is one of the greatest buys you will ever make.

And, it is not simple, as it involves your hard-earned money. Whether you are a first-timer or not, buying a car can appear to be an overwhelming task. As a fair deal is what we all are looking for, therefore, it is vital to know who to trust with your money and what sort of service you ought to expect.


So, we at CarDealerTracker.com tend to make your car buying & car servicing a wonderful affair. We will assist you to find a car dealer you can trust, so that car buying & car servicing turns into a less daunting and more pleasant experience for you. 


About Us


If you are an expert or a novice, on the subject of car buying, someone who has purchased many cars or a first-time buyer, it is very imperative to buy your car from a dealer that you can trust. And we at CarDealerTracker.com help you settle for a more informed decision.


Once you have decided on your dream car, next challenge is getting a perfect & fair deal. And, if you have done your homework well, you will walk in the right dealership getting the best deal & service.


Online reviews today have turned out to be very important in all sort of shopping, and when the classification in question is ‘your car’ it becomes quite critical.


Therefore, after reading car reviews on various portals, talking to experts & friends, researching and finally settling on which car to buy, you ought to check about the car dealership, because you need to be sure that you are getting the best price, correct information & a great service.


CarDealerTracker.com is an awesome place for any individual who is looking for a fair & transparent deal with a reputable car dealer in any city of India .All our dealer reviews are genuine and are written by actual customers. You can browse and look for car dealers to read reviews & ratings, or rate and review a dealer as per your experience, and help them enhance their services.


So, if you are a car buyer or car service customer reading our reviews, you can trust our reviews with the certainty that whatever you are reading is 100% genuine. These reviews and ratings will surely help you make a well-informed decision.

Remember, a savvy buyer must always be ready & prepared before setting your foot in a showroom or service center.


What's more, if you are a customer who went to a dealership/service center recently, do not keep your opinions to yourself. Share your experience & let everyone know what you thought of them. Your recommendations can make a difference.


With CarDealerTracker.com make car buying & car servicing a pleasant experience!