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You can use your iPhone as your BMW car key

BMW is the world's first car company that has developed this advanced technology with Apple. Customers can now use their iPhone as a digital BMW car key also they can share this digital car key access up to 5 people. 

With your iPhone digital car key, you can conveniently and securely lock, unlock, and even start your BMW.

From now on you can use your iPhone as a key with a compatible BMW, with maximum security and data protection guaranteed. It even functions when your iPhone’s battery is dead and your smartphone shuts off. Depending on which iPhone you have, the key will still work for several hours. If you turn your iPhone off manually, the BMW Digital Key will only work once you turn your device back on.

The following devices are compatible with BMW Digital Key: iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone SE (2nd generation) and Apple Watch Series 5. BMW Digital Key will require the upcoming iOS 13.6 and WatchOS 6.2.8.

If both your iPhone and your car are compatible, you can set up a digital key. First, create a BMW ID and use the BMW Connected app to add your vehicle.

To begin the setup process, access the Digital Key menu in the app. For security reasons, you must be sitting in your car and have both of your regular car keys with you in order to prove that you are the owner. Follow the instructions in the menu, press the Pair Now button, place your iPhone in the holder with the NFC sensor, and you’re done! Your digital key will then be stored in the Apple Wallet app.