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Way ahead for car dealers and buyers in India

The current crisis has been an unprecedented one, especially for the Indian automotive industry. Many companies had already been suffering as a result of low sales, and the COVID lockdown has, quite literally, lent than the death knell. However, this is also an excellent time for auto manufacturers to focus on dealer consolidations. Companies should want to increase sales by offering discounts and keeping only high-quality dealers.

Not just dealers, but even customers should follow certain steps to ensure that they can purchase and drive their favorite cars.

What should dealers do?

  1. As WFH becomes the new norm, lesser people will make use of public transport. Dealers for used cars by top auto manufacturers need to be appointed and groomed.
  2. Dealerships need to make themselves with the latest online sales programs by their parent companies. Discounts should be given by dealers at their end.
  3. Dealerships of segment leaders such as Maruti and Hyundai should be prepared for sales volume since customers will first approach top companies in the market to buy cars
  4. Dealers must offer compulsory pick and drop facilities for all serviced and repaired vehicles, and strive to gain customer trust
  5. Droom is already offering antimicrobial shields for vehicles sold on its platform. Similar shields may also be given out at the time of service.


What should customers do?

  1. Buy sanitizer sprays for your car and spray some on your hands every time you get into the car
  2. Look to buy small cars as they will be economical to run. You will not be traveling much in the next couple of years anyway.
  3. Buy from a popular manufacturer and not one who has recently got into the small car space.
  4. Get used to the idea of not being able to test drive a car. In the immediate aftermath of COVID-19, test driving a vehicle may not be a suitable option. In other words, choose a vehicle with which you are reasonably familiar.
  5. Fix the service workshop you go to every time.

Auto manufacturers must be urged to come up with more and more small cars. SUVs and luxury cars will not sell during this time anyway. The focus must be to create a highly reliable vehicle, with abundant availability of spare parts.