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Tesla might launch in India soon

San Francisco: Most popular electric car in the world Tesla is not available in the world's fourth-biggest auto market India. There must have been some big reason not to launch in such a high potential market. Company CEO Alon Musk thinks this is mainly due to government policies. He has blamed the Indian government's policies for giving up on his Indian dreams. He also criticized the FDI norms for the delay in the car maker's entry into the Indian market. After several attempts in the past to launch Tesla for the Indian roads, Musk is yet to inaugurate a Tesla showroom in India. However, he has once again hinted to let his Indian fans drive an electric Model 3 "hopefully soon".

In response to a query by a follower who booked the car four years ago, Musk replied that the "launch should hopefully happen soon".

Arvind Gupta customer from India who has booked the car four years ago has asked on Twitter "Dear @elonmusk. When is the Tesla3 expected in India? Booked over 4 years ago!!"

"Sorry, should hopefully be soon!" replied Musk.

Musk has been moving back and forth on his India dream for a couple of years.

"Would love to be in India. Some challenging government regulations, unfortunately," Musk had tweeted in response to a Twitter user who wrote "No Tesla in India" on his Twitter handle.

Tesla's Indian-origin Chief Financial Officer Deepak Ahuja announced his retirement from the firm last year, bringing Musk's India dream to a halt again.

Tesla was expected to enter India with Model 3 that sells for nearly $35,000.

Tesla has not launched any of its electric cars in India or any other country in South Asia yet. The only Asian market where Tesla has a presence in China.

In 2015, Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Tesla headquarters at Palo Alto, California, and met Musk who gave Modi a tour of the company's electric car plant.

Indian Tesla lovers must be very happy after this tweet from Elon Musk.